Poze Radiocomanda 6 Canale pentru Drona, Aeromodel, Navomodel - receiver inclus


Radiocomanda 6 Canale pentru Drona, Aeromodel, Navomodel - receiver inclus

Pret vechi (TVA inclus): 220,00 RON Reducere 20%

Pret nou (fara TVA): 147,06 RON

Pret nou (TVA inclus): 175,00 RON

Stoc limitat

Pretul include TVA 19%, Costurile de livrare nu sunt incluse

6 canale
Model ZF ZFT-6

Radiocomanda este noua, receiver inclus.

Garantat 700 de m pe uscat, 500 pe apa.


Product information

1. Color: silver

2. Application: fixed wing, car, ship.

3: frequency band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz.

4. Transmitting power: the unit is 100mW.

5. Working current:

6. Encoding method: PCM1024.

7: fine tuning mode: electronic fine tuning mode.

8: dynamic range of rocker is 80% - 120%.

9: power supply: 4.8v-6.0 V(4 section 5 battery)

10: mixed control mode: delta wing mixing mode and V - type tail rotor mixing mode.

11: reverse switch: 1 channel aileron, 2 channel lift, 3 channel throttle, 4 channel direction.

12: support fixed wing for landing gear and wings.

13: low voltage hint: battery voltage is equal to 8.4V, power indicator 500MS display 1 time.

14. Modulation mode: adopt the FHSS mode conforming to European standard.

Receiver performance:

1. Frequency band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz:

2: quick recovery signal.

3: out of control protection function:

4: ground straight distance: greater than 800 meters.

5. Decoding mode: PPM/PCMS 1024.

6. Power source: 4.8-6v.

7: feet: 45 x 25 x 10(mm)

8: weight: 9.6g

The following is the quick and simple operation steps of the remote transmitter and receiver of mike MC6A 2.4ghz:

1. Turn off transmitter and receiver power.

2. Connect the black "to code line" plug to the "ID" interface of the receiver.

3. Connect the electrical signal wire to the third channel of the receiver and then connect the battery to the battery.

4. It is important to note that the receiver LED will have a continuous flashing green light.

5. Set the throttle rocker to the lowest position, then turn on the transmitter.

6. When the green LED light of the receiver is extinguished, the receiver is already in good frequency.

7. Remove the code line plug from the receiver.

8. Aileron servo, elevator servo and rudder servo connect to receiver according to your model aircraft operating instructions.

9. Finally, make sure your transmitter can fully control the binding receiver and check that each channel is normal.

If the test fails, repeat the process.

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